A Curator’s Currency - Manuel Raven & Hilda Stammarnäs

28 USD
A Curator’s Currency - Manuel Raven & Hilda Stammarnäs
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A Curator’s Currency - Manuel Raven & Hilda Stammarnäs

28 USD
Edition of 50. 
Hand-numbered and signed.

JUST LIFELIKE ENOUGH is a project conceived by Exo Exo (exoexo.xyz) for Anticipation T. It is a cross between a virtual exhibition, a social network challenge, a game and a virtual residency. e project uses Twitter as a radio repeater. Its thread is built upon a series of invitations, renewed every two weeks. Each artist invites a successor, following an evolutive strategy of delegation and dispersion.

is system re ects the mechanics of social media, based on principles of circulation, transformation and consumption of information that operate on these spaces namely via tweets, re-tweets, tags and hashtags. However, above all, it is a way of provoking a reaction, through a process that is ultimately echoed by its application. e invited artists put into question the tool’s operation, gloss over it, ignore it, defy its constraints or simply adapt content to its de ned limitations. ey freely take possession of this still-cryptic, almost vintage, shadow territory. e artists also re ect on programming and con guration possibilities, mixing technological uses of the tool and revival e ects. e project alternates rhythms, time frames and content, playing with the total control of a programmed clock or the confused disorder of a newspaper, images, montages, texts and video excerpts, that are o en named and localised, while others remain anonymous, oating, drowned in the ow, without any chance of resurfacing.

JUST LIFELIKE ENOUGH imitates the typical operation of a social network, which, in turn, generates its own dynamic, engenders its own birth and prompts its own disappearance. e successive artist invitations increase in number, shattering and subdividing the circuit’s mechanics, so as to create other networks also destined to die. e medium becomes the space for collective interaction where common strategies of communication are foiled by the “word of mouth” that takes e ect on Twitter. As it evolves, the individual project gradually becomes a group project. As the transfer continues, the participants render the thread obsolete, re-evaluating its e ciency on the network itself. By dissolving the network, they therefore announce the failure of its initial design.

Manuel Raven’s publication project is the seventh and nal Twitter transfer in this project. By invitation from Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, we wanted to devise a publication that would put this online project to a close. In continuity with our system, we asked Hilda Stammarnäs, our nal Twitter participant, to tackle this editorial exercise and thus conclude the publication cycle. Going against progressive logic, A Curator’s Currency establishes a backward movement. us, Manuel Raven is currently publishing his personal collection of erotic drawings illustrated by Hilda Stammarnäs. A reversed invitation thus marks the project’s nal phase and mutation.

Publisher: Exo Exo & Fondation d’Entreprise Galeries Lafayette
Language: English
Pages: 28
Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
Weight: 150 g 
Binding: Softcover