Drawings/Dessins - Ilya Kabakov

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Drawings/Dessins - Ilya Kabakov
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Drawings/Dessins - Ilya Kabakov

38 USD

In the context of 2014 Monumenta, Éditions Dilecta present the book Ilya Kabakov, Drawings / Dessins. For the first time, Ilya Kabakov's drawings from the sixties and onwards are reunited in a single compilation. These drawings witness every period of the artist's work as well as the different techniques he has used over the years. A text of Jean-Hubert Martin, curator of Monumenta, guides us through Ilya's work in Europe and the world.

"The response that Ilya Kabakov gives to the oppression of an authoritarian and police-controlled regime is that of reappropriation, riddles and fragmentation. The circumvolutions that escape from a head-sliced at eye-level speak volumes about the complexity of the situation. Scattered members float in space, as the individual has been so torn in various directions and bullied into schizofrenia, rendering self-fulfillment and accomplishment impossible. This fragmentation also affects animals, whose dissected parts are endowed with a sign that poses the question of their identity: "Calf?" "

Excerpt from the book, text of Jean-Hubert Martin.

Publisher: Editions Dilecta
Language: English/French
Pages: 128
Size: 22cm x 27cm
Weight: 740 g 
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9791090490550