Historical Records - Dani Gal

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Historical Records - Dani Gal
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Historical Records - Dani Gal

55 USD
Memory and its use as historiography is a central theme in Dani Gal’s (* 1975) work. Since 2005, the artist has compiled a large archive of historical vinyl records; he combines these sound documents in his installations and performances – often collaborations – with electronically generated sound.

In addition to numerous records on World War II and its protagonists (»Hitler spricht«, Goebbels, Roosevelt, Churchill, etc.), it is, above all, those American records of the post-war period that stand out in his collection: speeches by Kennedy, Nixon, Jesse Jackson and LP-collections with original recordings from 1967, 1968 and following years. 

Publisher: Snoeck
Language: English
Pages: 396
Size: 26 x 26
Weight: 1.4240 kg 
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783864422140