OR Revue #1

17 USD
OR Revue #1
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OR Revue #1

17 USD
OR review, is a new relation between poetry and paper. An app makes it possible to hear the poem from the very mouth and instruments of its writer. During each listening, the page is enhanced by a visual poem escaping from the paper.

Laia Claver and Isaac Bosch
Desconcert 3'42

Cultura Militia

Cristian Forte
Tiempo Químico 4'06

Zuzana Husárová
Stimuli 3'56

Maja Jantar
State of Mind 9'18

Rufo Quintavalle
Anyonemore 10'46

Anna Serra 
Oraison 2'51

Kinga Tóth
Enter Frau 2'21

Luc Voïski
More Or Less Alone 5'54

Vedran Vučic
No Edge Of Silence 6'56

Editorial Direction: Anna Serra
Realization: Jow & Anna
Development: Jordan Quiqueret
Infographics: Mickael Laffin
Graphics: Régis Glass

Author: OR Revue
Publisher: OR Revue
Language: -
Pages: -
Size: 8 x 10.5