Right / Wrong - Marge Monko

12 USD
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Right / Wrong - Marge Monko

12 USD
Marge Monko’s new artists’ book “Right / Wrong” is based on one of the numerous health and beauty books, “Movement – a guarantee of female health and beauty” (1967) by Helena Vojačkova. This type of books were so common in the Soviet Union, that even in Estonia with population of 1,5 million people, print runs reached 60,000 and were then re-printed. Mainly, the books advocated a vitality of the mind and practices for a healthy body so that young women could be both attractive for men and effective at work.

Monko’s publication is the first in the new series of artists’ books – Potato Books – published by Lugemik in cooperation with Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia.

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Ministry of Culture of Estonia

Publisher: Lugemik
Language: English, Estonian
Pages: 232
Size: 8.25 x 5.75"
ISBN: 9789949960385