Strange - Karl Larsson

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Strange - Karl Larsson
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Strange - Karl Larsson

40 USD
The most in-depth presentation of the work of Swedish artist and poet Karl Larsson to date.
Taking its starting point in his 2014 exhibition North Western Prose at Kunstverein in Hamburg, Strange includes texts by Lisa Robertson, Frans Josef Petersson, Bettina Steinbrügge and Kim West as well as a substantial image material and a reprint of Larsson's 2010 poetry book Parrot (Paraguay Press, Paris).
Karl Larsson (born in 1977) is a Swedish artist and poet. His diversity of positions coalesce in an artistic practice that can be described as both editorial and literary, but that differs from writing in a conventional sense. His work focuses on the experience of space and the materiality of words, and explores the correspondence phenomena, more specifically the “para-artistic”– that which takes place alongside the work of art itself, but is necessary to its functionality and its potency. Karl Larsson is currently based in Berlin.

Edited by Bettina Steinbrügge.
Texts by Frans Josef Petersspn, Lisa Robertson, Bettina Steinbrügge, Kim West.
published in February 2015
bilingual edition (English / German)
16,7 x 21,3 cm (softcover)
352 pages (color ill.)